Sustainable Practices

At MUCKOFF we take water use, environmental protection and sustainability seriously. Our combination of safe, high-pressure rinsing and superior hand-washing techniques are highly efficient and effective in using water responsibly and conservatively. 

At MUCKOFF each car wash on average, uses less than 40-litres (or the equivalent of 2 standard buckets) of water from initial to final rinse. In comparison, the average D-I-Y home car wash uses 110 litres of fresh water – that’s almost 3 times as much as our commercial cleaning methods! Not to mention the fact that the run-off from home car washing flows completely untreated into stormwater drains, making its way into Australian waterways. This sadly has serious detrimental effects on water quality, but also on our flora and fauna.

MUCKOFF prides itself on being diligent in meeting the most stringent of quality and conservation standards; we comply with the Environmental Protection Act, and are accountable for trade waste on-site. Trade waste is collected by triple-interceptor traps which are managed and periodically emptied by EPA-registered collectors, who treat and dispose of waste according to strict regulations. This ensures that any impurities and pollutants washed from your vehicle, do not end up in our precious waterways.

With each MUCKOFF service, you can have the confidence and peace-of-mind that your car has not only had the best car wash, but also been gentle on the environment.