Whether maintaining, selling, or restoring, the MUCKOFF Team is here to help!

MUCKOFF’S Professional Master Detailing Services ensure your vehicle’s interior and exterior surfaces are meticulously & correctly prepared, cleaned, sealed, and protected. Our Detailing Services can help maintain and preserve a new car’s brilliance or restore and rejuvenate a used vehicle’s appearance. In any case, Detailing delivers a showroom presentation standard, while retaining or adding value to your asset.

At MUCKOFF, we recommend that all vehicles - regardless of make, model or vintage, are treated to a Full Detailing Service annually and maintained in between with regular Hand Washing Services from our Standard or Premium Wash Menu. Naturally, fall-out issues or environmental contaminants on paintwork (such as bird droppings, tree sap/gum stains etc.), or accidental damage (such as spillages etc.) must be addressed and corrected promptly with the appropriate Wash or Detailing Service. This will avoid long-term, possibly irreversible damage to the vehicle and ensure your car looks & feels fantastic all year round, and for many years to come!

MUCKOFF’S highly skilled & knowledgeable Detailing Team are here to listen to your needs & individually assess your vehicle. We tailor each Detailing Service to the customer’s requirements, ensuring the job is performed to our exacting standards and ultimately, to our client’s satisfaction.

MUCKOFF Master Detailing Services:

  1. Interior Detail
  2. Exterior Detail
  3. Full Detail
Sedan (S)From $239From $289From $489
Wagon (M)From $269From $339From $569
SUV (L)From $299From $389From $649
XL SUVs incl. 7-Seaters*
From $339From $439From $699
  • Cabin & Boot/Cargo area preparation vacuum
  • Upholstery, Carpets & Mats (x4) shampooed, steam cleaned & extracted
  • Rubber Mats (x4) & Cargo/Boot Liner (x1) detailed clean
  • Console, dash & hard surfaces detailed clean
  • Leather/vinyl shampooed & cleaned
  • Leather/vinyl treated & conditioned/re-hydrated
  • Cabin headlining gently wiped
  • Cabin crevice & vent ‘blow-out’ dust
  • Finishing corner-to-corner vacuum
  • Interior windows & mirrors cleaned & polished
  • Air fragrance (upon request)
  • Gentle degrease & hand wash of duco
  • Hand Wash of exterior plastics, trims, rubbers & grills
  • Tyres, wheel wells & rims detailed clean
  • Door, boot, bonnet jambs detailed clean
  • Duco Clay-Bar Cleanse & Clarifying Wash
  • Machine Cut’n’Polish using multi-stage swirl-free system (up to 75% correction)
  • Duco sealed with quality wax polish
  • Exterior windows and mirrors cleaned & polished
  • Chrome exhaust-tip(s) polished
  • Wheels dried, Tyres treated & glossed

Interior Detail + Exterior Detail

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NOTE: Exact pricing is on a case-by-case circumstance, depending on size of vehicle, its condition, and cleaning & detailing requirements. Detailing prices must be quoted by our Detailer after assessing the car in person. Whilst every effort is made to restore your vehicle to showroom condition, we are unable to repair general wear & tear or damage the car has sustained prior to this service, such as but not limited to, body damage, paint imperfections, worn fabrics, carpets & leathers etc.


Whether you want an exterior wash for extra shine, or a more thorough clean, the MUCKOFF Team has you covered. Try our most popular and great value-for-money hand wash, the Deluxe Wash Service today!

We use traditional cleaning products & manual cleaning processes as well as new, innovative equipment such as fogging machines and chemicals that are proven effective against bacteria and viruses (including SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19) in both Australia and Europe.

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