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Sustainable Practices

At MUCKOFF we take water use, environmental protection and sustainability seriously.  Our combination of high-pressure rinsing and superior hand-washing techniques, are highly efficient and effective in using water responsibly and conservatively.  This is demonstrated by our industry leading 5-Star Water Saving Rating which uses less than 40-litres (or less than 2 standard buckets) of water per car wash, from start to end.

Our business prides itself on being diligent in meeting the most stringent of quality and conservation standards; MUCKOFF complies with the Environmental Protection Act and abides by the Car Wash Code of Practice.  We are also accountable for trade waste on-site, collected by triple-interceptor traps and removed by EPA-registered collectors.

With each MUCKOFF service, you can have the confidence and peace-of-mind that your car has not only had the best car wash, but also been gentle on the environment.